Chapter 529

When Elaine saw that Hannah had already raised her hands as she rushed toward her, she immediately took a few steps back as she said coldly, “Let me tell you something, Hannah. You cannot afford to offend me, so you’d better keep your hands to yourself!” At this time, Hannah replied savagely, “I can’t afford to offend a stinky woman like you?! If I do not tear your mouth apart today, my last name will not be Queen!” Elaine snorted before she retorted, “My precious son-in-law, Charlie, is very good at fighting. I believe you have not forgotten how he dealt with the bodyguards you hired or how he taught your useless son, Harold, a lesson that he would never forget? Believe it or not, if you try and provoke me today, I will just call Charlie right now. I will ask him to come here and teach both of you a lesson immediately!” Hannah shuddered as soon as she heard Elaine’s words. She became very frustrated and felt as though all the anger and hatred she was feeling was already dissipating

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