Chapter 527

Truth be told, Hannah and Christopher would never have dreamt that they would run into Elaine here! Both of them really could not comprehend the situation. Why was Elaine here at the villa? Was she friends with Summer? Hannah was a little annoyed at this time. In fact, she had already planned to slaughter the price of the villa and insist on purchasing the villa for eight million dollars. If the other party disagreed with the price, she would just increase the price little by little until a maximum of nine million dollars. Hannah was confident that she would definitely be able to buy the villa for nine million dollars. However, she never would have expected Elaine to suddenly appear and attack them at this time! Besides, Elaine had always been very polite and respectful toward her. So, why was she suddenly so courageous to even mock her in front of everyone else today? When did she become so courageous? Elaine had been bullied by Christopher and Hannah ever since she had married

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