Chapter 51

Douglas’s restaurant was located at a new redevelopment zone of Aurous Hill. It was quite a distance from the city and was sparsely populated. Charlie felt a little peculiar as to why Douglas chose to open a restaurant here. Claire told him that several large manufacturing companies would set up their companies and factories in the redevelopment zone including multinational companies like Foxconn, so the area would prosper and flourish in no time. In other words, it was quite a wise and clever choice for Douglas to open a restaurant here now. Douglas’s restaurant, named The Charm, was at the corner of a wide new street. From the exterior, it looked quite big, occupying two floors. The name of the restaurant suggested an artistic conception. When Charlie drove the car to the door of the restaurant, there was already a row of cars parked near the entrance and several people were standing in front of a golden BMW, smoking and chatting. Charlie recognized them. They were his classmate

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