Chapter 515

The Rejuvenating Pill could indeed be regarded as a miraculous elixir to ordinary people. It could make people younger and even extend their lifespan. However, to Charlie, the pill was nothing but one of the low-level medicines recorded in the Apocalyptic Book, which meant that it wasn’t that magical. Charlie made thirty pills this time. He reserved a portion for himself as a supplement and kept another portion as a reward to those who were obedient and sensible. Although Anthony was highly respected in the Chinese medicine division, in Charlie’s eyes, he was just his disciple. Anthony was sincere and wholehearted in being by his side and returning his favor. He wasn’t much of help most of the time, but he was genuine, so the pill was a handy reward. As he gave the pill to Anthony, he said, “Don’t keep it, take it tonight and rest well.” Anthony suppressed the excitement and said, “Okay, thank you, Master Wade!” Charlie nodded. “I hope you can be healthy and energetic and make m

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