Chapter 511

Jordan wailed in utter desperation upon hearing Charlie’s order! He found Mount Golmin, the treacherous mountain, and its icy cold weather very repulsive! He would not even have stepped foot into that cold place had it not been for the fact that he had to collect the medicine himself at the beginning of his business. Because of his repulsion towards the bitter cold place, he was equally disgusted by Liam’s mother and only treated her as a temporary escort. However, he never dreamed that, many decades later, Charlie would punish him by making him stay at Mount Golmin without ever being able to leave the place! That’s the place that he hated the most! It would be like taking his own life if he locked him there and never be allowed to leave! He was certain that he would die anytime soon due to his deteriorating health, but if he went to a place like Mount Golmin, he would die faster! Besides, the place was like a living hell for a pleasure-seeking old coot like him! He looked at C

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