Chapter 508

What Jordan really meant was, “You, Charlie Wade, are nothing but an outsider. Please stay away from the Weaver family’s affairs!” Liam felt as if he had fallen from the sky to hell when he heard his heartless father’s remark. He realized that he had been tricked—very miserably too! His father had never wanted to give him the chance at all! Even if he surrendered his mother’s precious snow ginseng to plead Charlie to save his family, his father would never want to elect him as the company’s chairman. Charlie frowned in dismay and asked coldly, “Oh? Are you planning to break your promise?” Jordan quickly explained, “Oh no, Master Wade, that’s a misunderstanding. There’s something that you aren’t aware of. Well, the other day, I told both my sons that whoever could solve this problem for our family will have a bigger chance to be the chairman. Of course, I’ll give Liam credit for what he did for the family today, so when it comes to the election for the chairman position, he’ll hav

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