Chapter 504

The guys in the crowd looked at each other silently, then they simultaneously looked at Jordan, the head of the Weaver family. Everyone knew that Jordan had been a womanizer when he was young. Back in the days, he had even eaten a poisonous remedy made out of billies just for the sole purpose of sleeping around with women that put his life on the verge of death when he was only sixty years old. So, he was the man who slept with the most women among them all. Jordan started to grin triumphantly when he noticed everyone’s gaze falling upon him. He stood upright and said, “Master Wade, for your information, I was quite charming when I was young, so I did have plenty of admirers back in the days. I guess I slept with about three to five hundred women!” Charlie nodded reluctantly and said to Kenneth as he pointed at Jordan, “Okay, he’s your man.” Kenneth grimaced slightly. Did Charlie really ask him to drink the old coot’s urine? That was too f*cking disgusting! However, Charlie did

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