Chapter 502

They were all just fooling around. Thus, Jordan felt that the women should just get rid of the baby once they discovered their pregnancies. Why the h*ll would they give birth to their child? This was the fundamental reason why Jordan had always hated Liam. If it weren’t because his father found out that he had another grandson out there, Jordan would never have taken in a b*stard child who was given to him by a village woman! Even if Liam made a significant contribution to the Weaver family, he would never be able to hand over the Weaver family’s business over to him! Who was he to deserve this? However, Jordan did not reveal the slander and discomfort in his heart. He simply wanted to send the plague god, Kenneth, away! Therefore, Jordan said respectfully, “Mr. Wade, please help Chairman Wilson!” Kenneth also looked at Charlie with a bitter expression on his face. After all, wasn’t the reason why he called Charlie his grandfather and why he apologized to him simply because he wa

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