Chapter 500

Unexpectedly, this guy was actually together with that b*stard, Liam! Kenneth was also going to greet Anthony excitedly. However, the expression on his face changed as soon as he saw Charlie. At the same time, he could not help but feel very upset. The humiliation that he had suffered in front of Charlie was no less than what Jeffrey had suffered! Originally, he regarded Charlie as his mortal enemy. However, now that Charlie was here with Anthony, he did not dare to say anything or cause a scene at all. This was because he knew that Anthony really looked up to and respected Charlie. If he offended Charlie again, Kenneth was afraid that Anthony would refuse to cure him. As he thought about this, Kenneth stepped forward immediately before he bowed and said, “Uncle Simmons, I know that I’ve angered you previously. I know that it is all my fault. I know that I was wrong. Please heal me!” At this time, Anthony replied nonchalantly, “I’ve already told you that both our families would h

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