Chapter 497

When Charlie heard Liam’s words, he suddenly felt that Liam was in a similar situation as he was. Once upon a time, he was also an orphan and piece of trash who was humiliated and bullied by others. His life only turned around when Stephen Thompson found him and handed Emgrand Group and a black card with tens of billions of dollars over to him. Later, Charlie finally had the opportunity to achieve greatness when he found the Apocalyptic Book by accident. Once upon a time, he had also been cast aside by everyone. He had also been waiting for an opportunity to prove himself to everyone, as well as to slap all those who had despised him in the past! Therefore, he could understand Liam’s feelings very well. Liam was a child who had been called a b*stard ever since he was a young boy. His mother died and even though he was brought into his own biological father’s home, he was subjected to even greater torture and humiliation. After more than twenty years, the degree of tolerance in hi

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