Chapter 485

Ichiro was utterly shocked when he heard his assistant’s words! His father was dead? He died after taking the magic medicine that he sent to him? This…how could this be possible? Could it be that the magic medicine was poison itself? As he thought about it, Ichiro was really very angry and frightened. He wished that he could confront Charlie in person! Charlie actually dared to cheat his family out of ten billion dollars and poison his old man to death? Wasn’t he a little too cruel? However, Ichiro knew that he would never be able to defeat Charlie. So, what was the use of confronting him? His father was already dead and it would be completely impossible for him to resurrect him and bring him back to life. Ichiro also knew that it would be impossible for Charlie to return the ten billion dollars to him… At this time, Ichiro’s assistant hurriedly said, “Mr. Wade, you should find a place to hide in Aurous Hill! Do not show your face for the time being. I am guessing that there wil

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