Chapter 477

Ichiro handed the stolen magical pills over to his assistant and he was finally relieved after watching his assistant enter the airport without any problem. After that, Ichiro asked Isaac, “Where is your young lord?” Isaac replied lightly, “You’ll know once you come with me.” After he was done speaking, he signaled at the people around him before they dragged Ichiro over to the nearest off-road Mercedes-Benz immediately. The convoy quickly left the airport as they headed towards the dog farm opened by Albert in the suburbs. On the way to the dog farm, Isaac called Charlie before he said, “Mr. Wade, Ichiro is in my hands now. I’m bringing him over to Don Albert’s dog farm now. If you want to come over, I will send someone over to pick you up immediately!” Charlie glanced at Claire, who was fast asleep at this time, before he replied, “Alright then. Arrange for a car to pick me up from outside my house in five minutes.” After making the pearl and clam bracelet for Claire that was w

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