Chapter 475

Ichiro felt that he was going crazy after hanging up the phone because he was simply too excited! If he could get his hands on the magical pill, then he would definitely end up becoming the successor of Kobayashi Pharma. Coming to Aurous Hill was indeed a good bargain this time! At this time, Ichiro’s assistant, who was seated next to him in the Maybach, said, “Mr. Kobayashi, it is already eleven o’clock. Should we do it now?” Ichiro nodded before he sneered and said, “Do it!” The assistant quickly took out his walkie-talkie and ordered, “Do it now!” As soon as the voice fell, six men quickly sneaked into Anthony’s Serene World Clinic. Tonight, Anthony was sleeping over in the small bedroom in Serene World Clinic. In fact, Anthony had been patiently waiting for the Japanese to come for him at this time. However, to be safe, he arranged for his granddaughter, Xyla, to stay at the hotel tonight. After entering Serene World Clinic, the six men immediately came into Anthony’s bed

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