Chapter 473

After giving instructions to Albert, Charlie called Isaac once again. As soon as the call was connected, Charlie told him immediately, “After Ichiro succeeds tonight, he’ll definitely try to escape from the country in the shortest time possible tonight. Therefore, you should set up a trap for him in Aurous Hill. Anyone in his group should be allowed to escape except for him!” Isaac replied immediately, “Don’t worry, Mr. Wade. I’ve already made all the necessary arrangements. I’ll definitely intercept Ichiro before he manages to escape!” After that, Isaac also promised, “I’ll make sure that the medicine that Ichiro stole from Anthony will never be taken out of the country!” “No!” Charlie said hurriedly. “I want them to take the medicine back to Japan. Remember that the medicine should leave the country but Ichiro must not be allowed to leave the country!” Isaac hurriedly replied, “Mr. Wade, I understand! Don’t worry, I won’t let Ichiro escape so easily!” “Okay!” Charlie smiled sli

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