Chapter 464

Kenneth was a little moved by the scene Jordan portrayed. “Is it that magical?” Jordan replied earnestly, “Of course. Mr. Wilson, the magical medicine of our Weaver family is three to four times as effective as Viagra, and the improved formula is even up to ten times more effective!” Kenneth was extremely thrilled by the possible miraculous effect of the medicine. It seemed that his disorder would be completely cured in no time! Jeffrey asked curiously, “Dad, if we mass-produce the medicine, we can sell it globally and even suppress the sales of Viagra, can’t we?” Jordan waved his hand confidently and said, “Of course! Once the mass-production is up and running, men all over the world will be using my magic drug instead of the so-called Viagra. There will only be one male magic drug on the market, and that is my magic drug!” Then, Jordan turned to Kenneth and said, “Mr. Wilson, I wonder if you are interested in investing in our pharmaceutical company. You only need to invest two o

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