Chapter 460

The journey to the hospital was about 15 miles. The smell in the car was comparable to a septic tank, a living hell to the people in the car. When they arrived at the hospital, they helped Kian out of the car and slowly walked toward the hospital. Suddenly, the weird feeling slowly crippled Kian’s mind again… First, he felt dizzy and had a headache, then, he looked at the people around him in despair and cried, “D*mn it… guys, the feeling is here again… If I lose my mind again, remember, you guys must hold me down!” Shocked, they nodded reflexively, but inside, they were thinking, ‘We definitely will try to hold you back as much as we can, but whether we can hold you back or not, that’s a completely different story…’ Then, as if Kian had suddenly morphed into his hysterical disguise, he shouted anxiously, “Where is the toilet?! Where is the toilet?!” Everyone exchanged nervous glances, and they saw the desperation in each other’s eyes… D*mn it, he had started again! What were th

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