Chapter 453

Sensing that he might lose his control on Luna, Kian hurried back to school in a panic, ignoring the fact that there was a beautiful prey waiting for him in the bar. Kian dashed toward the artificial lake as soon as he reached the campus and saw Luna. He strode to her and asked, “Luna, what gift do you want to give me?” Charlie appeared out of nowhere and said with a smile, “She has no gifts for you, but I do!” “Who are you?” Kian looked at Charlie in alertness and then back to Luna. “Who is he? Are you related to him?” Charlie said, “No, we’re not related.” “Who are you, then?” “I am the one who enforces justice on behalf of God!” Then, Charlie patted Luna on the back and said, “Luna, go to Aurora and your friends. Go back to your dorm and get changed, your job here is done.” Luna nodded and bowed gratefully. She had a hundred percent trust in Charlie because of what had happened earlier. Then, she walked to Aurora and her friends who were standing close by. Aurora and her f

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