Chapter 442

After he was done speaking, Ichiro turned around and left immediately. At this time, Charlie said to Anthony, “This Japanese man seems a bit insidious. If he really thinks that you have the prescription for high-level paraplegia, you should be more careful. After all, once this magical pill is mass-produced, he would be able to gain absolute wealth in this world.” There was a movie called ‘I am not the God of Medicine’ not too long ago, and it was about a Chinese leukemia patient. Since he could not afford the extremely expensive medicine produced by Western cultures, he could only go to India to buy some imitation medication. Through this movie, you could actually see how black-hearted those large pharmaceutical groups could be just because they wanted to make some money. When a new drug was developed, a patient needed to spend at least twenty to thirty thousand dollars a month to afford the medication. What else could the patient do? Kobayashi Pharma also wanted to get their hand

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