Chapter 439

Liam fell to the ground as soon as Jeffrey kicked him in the stomach. He could only hold onto his stomach as his face flushed red from the pain. However, he did not dare to say anything anymore. Liam simply stood up quietly before he stood behind Jeffrey once more without saying anything anymore. At this time, Charlie glanced at Liam once again. Charlie felt as though he could see a shadow of his former self in Liam. He was despised, looked down upon, and even humiliated by others, but he could only choose to bear it and stay hidden as he waited quietly for his chance to rise. Just then, Wendy nudged Jeffrey before she said, “My dear, don’t get angry because of a piece of trash and a worthless b*stard child. Let’s go in and check out the expo now.” Jeffrey nodded immediately. Charlie was simply a piece of trash to him, and Liam was just a b*stard child in his eyes. Even if he had already suffered a huge loss because of Charlie, he really did not think that Charlie was a great or

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