Chapter 434

At this time, Claire suddenly asked, “Don’t you have to go back to work?” Loreen stuck out her tongue before she said, “Well, my job was originally to run around outside. Moreover, I have never met the chairman of Emgrand Group before ever since I started working there. Therefore, he has no way to control me at all. In a way, I am actually an unsupervised employee. So, I guess it is okay for me to skip work occasionally.” After that, Loreen spoke up once again. “Since both of you have something on, I will send you home first.” Upon arriving at the carpark, Charlie realized that Don Albert was standing next to Loreen’s car. Moreover, the spot where Loreen’s car had been badly scratched yesterday had also been repaired. When Albert saw them walking toward the car, he immediately greeted Charlie respectfully. “Mr. Wade, did you have fun?” “Not bad.” Charlie looked at the rear of the car for a few moments, and when he realized that it was looking as good as new, he knew that Albert ha

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