Chapter 427

When Albert saw that Charlie was already losing his patience, he hurriedly waved his hands and instructed his men, “Beat him up now!” A group of strong men rushed forward immediately before surrounding Mr. Hicks, and they started punching and kicking him. They only stopped when he had already been beaten almost half dead. Mr. Hicks lay on the ground as he cried out in pain. However, the worst had yet to come. At this time, Albert suddenly said coldly, “I will give you half a day to leave Aurous Hill. If I still see you loitering around Aurous Hill tomorrow, I will kill you with my bare hands!” The dying Mr. Hicks coughed weakly before saying, “Don Albert, please have mercy on me and give me two days of grace at least. Let me treat my injuries before I leave…” “You can go to the next province to receive treatment instead!” Albert replied icily. “Call your family and ask them to hire an ambulance to take you away. Make sure that you stay away from Aurous Hill from now on! If you die,

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