Chapter 41

Gerald was so frightened that he shivered uncontrollably and almost pissed himself. His stuttering voice sounded, “Big Boss Bill, I’m the White family’s…” “The White family?” Bill grinned sinisterly. “What the heck? Don’t make me laugh, okay!” Bill spat disdainfully. He kicked Gerald to the ground and snarled, “The don just finished teaching an idiot from the White family a lesson yesterday, that fool was slapped by one of our guys ten thousand times in the face! You still have the nerve to mention the White family to me, huh!” “Huh?” Gerald recoiled in extreme shock. He thought that Kevin had been beaten while being robbed, but it turned out that it was actually Don Albert who had beaten him up! Just as he was still in the midst of extreme shock and terror, Bill raised the bat and slammed it down against his head! Bang! Gerald felt the world spinning around him. A buzzing voice kept humming inside his head, blood flowed from his mouth and nose, his vision was getting blurry and

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