Chapter 407

Jeffrey was so frightened by Oscar’s murderous glare that he trembled in fear, but he cleared his throat and said, “Uncle Oscar, there isn’t such a thing as a Supreme VIP member on the information board in the lobby on the first floor. He made it up! Don’t be fooled by him!” “That’s right!” Wendy sneered too, not knowing she was in the midst of big trouble. “I’ve never seen anyone so shameless and pompous in my life! He pretended to be a member, fabricated a membership tier, and even forged the membership card! He has no respect for the Moore family!” Wendy wanted to wipe Charlie off the grid so badly that she linked Charlie’s behavior with humiliating the Moore family together so the Moore family would not forgo Charlie’s wrongdoings. But she completely ignored the relationship between Charlie and the Moore family. Even if she did not believe that Charlie the loser would have the connections and resources that he claimed from the upper-class circle and refused to believe that Char

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