Chapter 405

As Oscar’s loud growl echoed across the hall, Jeffrey plastered a wicked smile across his face. He looked at Charlie and mocked, “Uh oh, Uncle Oscar is here. You’re so dead, loser! Even the gods can’t save you now!” Then, he turned to Oscar, pointed at Charlie, and complained, “Uncle Oscar, there’s a loser here who’s not only pretending to be a member of this club but is also being disrespectful to Miss Moore. You must teach him a lesson!” Oscar frowned at the director Jeffrey pointed, but his aging eyes couldn’t see so well, so he couldn’t recognize Charlie from a distance. He could see Jeffrey though, as they were standing closer to each other. Since Jeffrey was the son of his old pal, he was more familiar with him and trusted his words, so he urged sternly, “Who is it? Guards, take him down!” Several brawny security guards rushed towards them aggressively. Wendy was extremely thrilled. She glared at Charlie and sneered as she said, “Haha, Charlie, you’re so dead today!” Charli

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