Chapter 403

Charlie laughed out loud upon Jeffrey’s remark. He was not agitated by it but instead, he looked at him with a calm smile and asked, “So, tell me, why do you feel that I don’t belong here?” Jeffrey glared back at him in a pompous look and snorted, “Huh, do you really need me to tell you that? Of course you don’t belong here! Look at your disheveled clothes—f*ck, you look even worse than those valet parking boys!” Charlie chuckled. “What I wear is my choice. Does Glorious Club have a dress code its customers are strictly required to follow?” Jeffrey sneered. “Of course not. You can wear whatever you want, but this is a members-only club! Non-members are strictly prohibited!” He glanced at Charlie disdainfully. “Are you a Classic member here?” Charlie shook his head lightly. “No.” “Then, are you a Silver member?” “No.” A scornful sneer resonated. “Don’t tell me you’re a Gold member!” Charlie spread his hand casually. “No.” Jeffrey laughed. “Hahaha! Oh my god, you pathetic little

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