Chapter 396

Kenneth’s originally delightful face suddenly became very heavy. Even though it was very important for him to regain his manhood, his life was even more important! He should not risk his own life just so that he could continue fooling around with women, right? When Jeffrey saw the sudden change in his expression, he asked in a curious manner, “Chairman Wilson, are you…facing any unspeakable difficulties now?” Kenneth had a helpless expression on his face before he said, “You’re right, Brother Jeffrey. I’m a living eunuch now. I can’t do anything at all! I paid a visit to the hospital and the doctor said there’s no way for him to help me at all. Therefore, you have to help me!” After that, he hurriedly asked, “Would it be too toxic if I used the medicine that your old man used just once or twice? Could you let me try the medicine for myself?” Jeffrey quickly replied, “Brother, I wouldn’t advise you to try that medicine at all! It wouldn’t be worth it at all if you harmed your own

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