Chapter 393

When Kenneth thought about the fact that the disappearance of the father and son of the Grant family might have something to do with Charlie, Kenneth could not help but feel very nervous. If Charlie could really let the father and son evaporate from the face of this world, then he was afraid that Charlie would also get rid of him… Moreover, since the father and son had already disappeared, he would not be able to get his hands on Anthony’s magic medicine. After all, there would not be any substitute for a dead man and he should not do anything to provoke Anthony at this time. As everyone was keeping silent, Lady Wilson suddenly looked at Kenneth in a flattering manner as she said in a humble manner, “Mr. Wilson, should we head to one of the big hospitals in Eastcliff instead? Perhaps you’d be able to find a cure for your illness then.” Kenneth was the final life-saving straw for the entire Wilson family and Lady Wilson felt even more anxious than him at this time. If Kenneth could

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