Chapter 38

Wendy asked with a coy smile, “Charlie, didn’t you also make a reservation here? Which suite? Bring us to check it out!” Charlie said flatly, “I didn’t think about which suite to reserve, to be frank. I just sent a text message to their boss and asked him to arrange it for me. I’ll check the message now, give me a minute.” Harold sneered disdainfully, “Shut your mouth! Do you know who the boss here is? It’s the famous Don Albert Rhodes! How dare you talk such bullsh*t here? Careful, if he hears you, he will squeeze you to death with his fingertips.” Charlie ignored their heinous remarks and proceeded to check his message on the phone. “He said he reserved the Diamond Suite for me.” Harold laughed instantly. “Hahaha…Diamond Suite? Charlie, don’t make me laugh, will you? Do you know who can enter the Diamond Suite? No more than ten people in the whole Aurous Hill! You’re nothing but a fart!” Loreen stayed silent in the midst of the commotion, although a thought was slowly brewing in

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