Chapter 386

As they looked at Charlie, they realized that there was thunder and lightning surrounding him, as though a dragon was descending into the world! Jason yelled out in panic, “Dad! What the hell is that? Hurry up and shoot him now! Hurry up!” Justin trembled in fright and he could feel his legs going soft immediately. After that, he blurted out, “I…I cannot move my hand at all. It seems as though Charlie had just summoned thunder and lightning from the sky…” Jason panicked at this time and he said, “No one would be able to summon thunder and lightning in this world! I think he’s just putting on an act because he is afraid that we’ll shoot him to death!” Charlie sneered before he said, “Jason, if you really do not believe that I am a god-sent dragon on earth, then I will let you witness it for yourself!” After that, Charlie looked at Justin before he said in a cold manner, “Justin Grant, don’t forget that your son was the one who sent you to your death today!” After that, Charlie rai

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