Chapter 380

Jason had always dreamt of getting Claire’s body. After all, Claire was known as the number one beauty in Aurous Hill. Moreover, she really deserved this title. She was really the best of the best. Now, this almost perfect woman would become his soon. This made him feel very excited! Elaine, who was standing next to Claire, looked at Jason with a look of disbelief. Didn’t Jason say that he wanted to apologize to Claire before confessing his love for her? What was going on now? Elaine hurriedly stepped forward before she stopped him and said, “Jason, what’s going on? That isn’t what you told me!” “Stop talking!” The expression on Jason’s face changed before he kicked Elaine to the ground immediately. After that, he sneered before he said, “Did you really think that I’d asked you to call your daughter over here just so I could confess my feelings to her? Become your son-in-law? You must be daydreaming!” After that, he continued speaking with an icy expression on his face, “Do you

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