Chapter 369

Justin and Jason didn't know that Anthony only had half a magic pill, but Kenneth knew. He knew because he had nearly gotten it from Anthony in the afternoon. He didn’t dare to go up against Anthony himself, but if he passed the duty to the ignorant father and son duo, he could sit back and enjoy the fruits of their work with just a few simple tricks. For example, he could first imitate a few pills based on the real thing that he had seen today. Then, after they had kidnapped Anthony, he could search for the authentic pill on Anthony’s body and slip the fake pills together. Until then, not only could he cure his impotence, but he could also blame Anthony’s death on them! Justin, on the other hand, didn’t overthink it. In his opinion, the enemy of his enemy was his friend. Since they had the same enemy, they could be comrade-in-arms. The more the merrier. Besides, they could divide the risk evenly, so why not? As for the magic pill, he didn’t know how much Anthony had, but to him

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