Chapter 365

Barbara gaped in utter shock and asked frantically, “What?! Anthony, what are you talking about? We’ve been friends for so many years, how could you cut ties with us just like that?” Anthony’s serious voice sounded, “Barbara, I am very grateful for Brother Wilson’s help. When I needed it the most, he was a friend indeed, and I’ve repaid the favors to your family for so many years without asking for anything in return. Gratitude and consideration are my principles, you know that, right?” “Of course!” Barbara answered. “But I don’t understand, why do you want to make a clean break with us all of a sudden? If it’s my mistake, tell me, I’ll correct it!” “No, Barbara, it’s not your fault. Actually, it’s your son, Kenneth.” “Kenneth?” Barbara said in surprise, “What about him? Did he offend you? But he’s in Aurous Hill right now!” “Yes. I’m in Aurous Hill too,” Anthony said earnestly, “And I saw Kenneth. To be honest, he didn’t do anything to me, but he offended my savior. The man is ve

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