Chapter 359

“Oh? Do you know Doctor Simmons?” The doctor asked curiously. Kenneth laughed delightedly. “Of course, and it’s more than an acquaintance! The famous doctor you mentioned is our family’s friend! Back then, when he was down and out, it was our family that helped him to rise again and achieve what he has now. I didn’t know that he stays in Aurous Hill now, that’s great!” He jumped up from the bed and urged Christopher, “Hurry, get me to Dr. Simmons’s clinic now!” After asking for the address of Anthony’s clinic, Christopher quickly drove Kenneth to Serene World Clinic. As soon as they arrived at the clinic’s entrance, Kenneth hopped off the car and dashed into the clinic anxiously when he saw a man that seemed to be a clinic staff pushing a young man with crutches out of the door. The young man limped miserably while pleading, “Sir, sir, please, I beg you! Please inform Dr. Simmons that I need his help. I’ll give him five million dollars if he can fix my legs!” The clinic staff sai

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