Chapter 357

The Silverwing Hospital. Since it was already night when they got to the hospital, they could only wait for their turn at the emergency department. After lining up for twenty minutes, it was finally their turn, and the first thing the doctor asked was, “Yes? What made you come here?” Kenneth shooed Christopher out of the ward before saying to the doctor, “Doctor, I think I’m impotent all of a sudden. Can you please check what happened to me?” “Impotent?!” The doctor gaped in bewilderment and said, “Impotence is an andrological disorder, it doesn’t fall under emergency cases. I suggest you come again tomorrow morning to the andrology department directly and let the doctor there check it out for you. We at the emergency department mainly cover emergency cases such as headaches, fever, accidental injuries, or spasmodic diseases.” Kenneth growled indignantly, “My impotence is an emergency case! Can’t I see you for treatment right away?!” The doctor cleared his throat and started in a

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