Chapter 350

Kenneth did not understand what Charlie was saying, and he subconsciously asked, “You… what do you mean?” Charlie smiled before he said, “It’s okay. I will not step on your crotch, but I will abolish your manhood!” After that, Charlie used his toes to hit Kenneth’s abdomen, and some spiritual energy flowed out of his toes at this time. Ever since he had studied the , Charlie had already grasped and learned how to control his qi. This trace of qi that he had just released could cut off Kenneth's nerves, making it completely impossible for him to use his manhood. However, Kenneth did not know what Charlie was doing when he gently tapped his lower abdomen with his toes. He also did not notice that he had already lost his manhood at this time. In the future, he would only be able to look at his man part, but he would never be able to use it again. Now, Kenneth was indeed very furious and terrified, and he was just eager to flee out of this place so that he could bri

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