Chapter 346

It turned out that the man that Wendy was embracing was none other than the chairman of a public-listed company in Eastcliff! Not only that, but the other party’s last name was also Wilson? Was he their relative? Charlie could not help but ask Claire, “Dear, do you know of the relationship between the Wilson family and this person named Kenneth Wilson? Is he a distant relative?” “I don’t know…” Claire replied. “I have never heard of him before…” “That’s strange…” Charlie murmured. “Normally, the chairman of a public-listed company with a market value of tens of billions of dollars would not mix with someone on the low-end such as the Wilson family, let alone someone such as Wendy. Do you think that they are having an inappropriate relationship?” Claire hurriedly replied, “Don’t talk nonsense! That man looks older than my uncle! How could they possibly be committing adultery?” At this time, Wendy was very happy and excited as she was surrounded by a crowd of people. She was finall

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