Chapter 339

Lady Wilson was overjoyed when Kenneth said that he would be willing to help the Wilson family. However, Wendy was not happy at all. Her focus was not on the Wilson Group whatsoever. In truth, she did not care about the Wilson Group. All she wanted was to marry a rich young man so that everyone would be envious of her and look up to her! Moreover, the Wilson Group was just one of the properties owned by the Wilson family. What did it have to do with her anyway? What saddened her the most was the fact that Gerald was so indifferent toward her, and she also felt very uncertain about her future. Wendy had no care about what would happen to the Wilson Group at all! When she saw how indifferent Wendy was, Lady Wilson hurriedly nudged her before she said, “Wendy, why are you in a daze? Hurry up and thank Chairman Wilson!” Wendy was taken aback and looked up before she asked, “Why should I thank him?” Lady Wilson became angry when she heard this. “Of course you should thank Chairman

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