Chapter 337

As she thought about this, Lady Wilson could not help but feel very excited as she said to Kenneth, “Oh, Chairman Wilson, your father was truly a good man who was very grateful to his savior! He actually remembered everything that happened even after all these years.” Kenneth nodded and sighed before he said, “After all, he was his benefactor and savior. My father has not forgotten everything that he had done for him even after so many years.” Then, Kenneth took out a high-end jewelry box from his pocket and handed it over to Lady Wilson, saying, “My father passed this to me on his deathbed and told me that I had to deliver this to his savior no matter what. Since Lord Wilson has already passed away, I will just hand this over to you instead, Lady Wilson.” Lady Wilson thought that Kenneth’s father must have planned to give her a rare treasure to thank the old man for saving his life. Therefore, she quickly opened the jewelry box excitedly and looked inside the jewelry box. However…

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