Chapter 32

As soon as the voice resonated into Albert’s ear, his brain processed the information rapidly and registered the voice as Isaac Cameron, the man who he had been trying to curry favor with! Did he just say that he had offended his young master? Could it be this man in front of him?! Moreover, Isaac knew that there were twenty-five members in his whole family. Did he already research on his background thoroughly? Isaac Cameron was the spokesperson of the Wade family in Aurous Hill! The Wade family’s influence and power were so enormous and strong that destroying him would be as easy as smacking an ant! Albert’s legs went jelly and he trembled in fear as he listened to Isaac’s angry voice. He stuttered, “Mr. Cameron, please calm down. I… I didn’t know, it was just a misunderstanding, the young master and I…” “Shut up!” Isaac shouted, “Our Young Master’s identity is highly confidential. If you leak it out even a little, I swear I’ll wipe you and your family clean from the world!” Al

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