Chapter 325

Charlie was in the ward with his wife, Claire, as they accompanied and chatted with Jacob. Suddenly, the door was kicked open as Elaine charged into the room aggressively. As soon as she entered the ward, Elaine held out the one hundred million dollar cash cheque in her hand before yelling, “Charlie! You b*stard! How dare you try and cheat me?!” Charlie was taken aback, and he asked in surprise, “Mom, what are you talking about? When did I try to cheat you?” Elaine ignored him and ran directly to Claire as she complained, “Daughter! Look! You have to divorce this big fat liar today! There is something wrong with this guy! He even tried to cheat your own mother! How can you forgive him?” Claire was very puzzled and she asked, “Mom, what happened?” Elaine handed the cheque over to Claire before saying, “Look! Your husband must be crazy! He actually gave me a fake one hundred million cash cheque, and the cashier at the registration counter almost called 110 to report me for committi

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