Chapter 320

In fact, on their way to the hospital, Charlie had planned to treat his father-in-law himself. He was positively certain that his pill could heal a spinal injury with ease. However, after he arrived at the hospital, he found out that Jason was there with Dr. Lynch and Elaine would definitely stop him from interfering with their involvement. Besides, he worried that the magical elixir that came out of nowhere would raise suspicion and it would be hard for him to explain himself. Now that Anthony was here, he was the convenient shield to handle the matter. Anthony’s reputation and stature would be an excellent cover-up for Jacob’s treatment. After all, it was more credible if the medical miracle was created in his hands. Anthony understood his concerns, yet he couldn’t help but be surprised. “Master Wade, a spinal injury is commonly complex regardless of Chinese or Western medical treatment and there’s no way to cure it by far. Are you sure your magical elixir will work?” Then, he s

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