Chapter 313

“What?!” Claire shrieked in panic. “How’s Dad? Where are you now?” Elaine’s trembling voice echoed with a mixture of shock and sobbing. “We’re at Silverwing Hospital. Your dad was unconscious after the accident, come here quick!” Never did Claire expect to receive such bad news when she was celebrating the grand opening with joy… She cried into the phone, “Okay, I’ll go there right now!” Charlie heard the conversation clearly and realized the seriousness of the matter. He turned to the guests and said, “I’m sorry guys, Claire and I have to leave immediately. Please make yourself comfortable here!” Under normal circumstances, it would be rude for the host to leave the guests aside, but since these people were Charlie’s fans, they didn’t mind it. Hence, Charlie drove his wife straight to the hospital. After he parked the car at the parking spot, they quickly went straight to the ICU. They pushed the ward door open and saw Jacob lying on the bed with his eyes closed tightly. He w

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