Chapter 295

At this time, a manager dressed in a suit hurried over as soon as he heard the commotion. There was a group of sturdy and muscular bodyguards following closely behind him. “What is happening? Who is causing a commotion here?” When Jason saw the manager, he asked him arrogantly, “Are you the person-in-charge?” “Yes.” The man nodded before he continued speaking, “I am the executive manager of the auto show exhibition. My name is Luke Marshall. You are?” Jason snorted before he said, “I am Jason Grant, the owner of the Aurous Hill Convention and Exhibition Center!” Luke nodded slightly before he replied, “So, you are Mr. Grant. What is the matter?” Jason spoke to him coldly, “Your subordinates are truly very incapable! I want to go up to the platform so that I can take a closer look at the cars, but he refused to let me do so. What do you mean by that? Are you looking down on me?” Luke smiled before he replied, “Sorry, Mr. Grant, but these two cars have already been bought by a cu

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