Chapter 28

Meanwhile, in Axel Insurance’s chairman’s office, the owner, Axel Jordan, was serving a man in his forties in a respectable manner. His face was radiant with a wide smile. He retrieved a bank card from the drawer and handed it to the man with respect and said, “Don Albert, there are thirty million dollars in this card and the pin number is your birthday. This is the bonus for you, please check.” The middle-aged man was dressed in a smart suit. His face was quite rough and haggard but his predator-like eyes were as sharp as a lion. If there were other people present, they would definitely recognize the man immediately. He was Don Albert Rhodes! Everyone in Aurous Hill knew that Albert was the mafia boss of the underworld and no one dared to mess with him! Albert looked at Axel and said with a satisfied smile, “Axie, not bad. You’re pretty tactful, I’m impressed!” Axel said in an anxious tone, “Don Albert, what do we do about the old folks who are protesting out there?” Albert sa

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