Chapter 278

With her heart still racing and beating violently, Aurora returned home feeling extremely thrilled and overjoyed. Meanwhile, in the Quinton family villa, Graham was waiting for her anxiously. He wondered if Charlie would agree to his request of the magical elixir. After all, the Quinton family was slightly higher ranked than Zeke White’s family in terms of social standing but they paled in comparison with Jasmine Moore’s family. He was afraid that Charlie would look down upon his family although he vowed to be his loyal follower. Even if the Moore family wanted to butter Charlie up, would there be a chance for him to showcase himself with the Moore family in the way? As he was pacing back and forth, worried, Aurora came back. He quickly ran out as soon as she parked her car in the villa’s courtyard. “Aurora, how did it go? Did Master Wade agree to our request?!” Tears drenching her eyes again when she nodded repeatedly. “Yes, Dad! He agreed to our request!” “That’s wonderful!”

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