Chapter 276

It was all the best medicinal ingredients laid out in the huge luggage! Some of them were so rare that Charlie couldn’t even buy them! Bewildered, Charlie looked at Aurora and asked, “Where did your father get so many wonderful ingredients?” “Well, frankly speaking, our family owns a diversified range of business, one of them being medicinal materials. Our ancestors were medicinal material merchants since the late 19th century, and we had our own delivery team that gathered the best medicinal materials from all over the country and sold them to the rich and famous in the city. We’ve been in this business ever since.” Then, she started hurriedly, “Oh yes, my father says that if you need anything in terms of medicinal materials or ingredients in the future, you can tell us directly and we’ll do our best to meet your needs!” Again, Charlie was astonished. Ever since he accidentally obtained the Apocalyptic Book, he was mesmerized by its incredible and mysterious contents. There were

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