Chapter 274

Graham put on a sullen face and said earnestly, “Darling, before long, Master Wade will be so successful that he’ll spread his wings and soar into the sky like a proud eagle! Until then, all the families in Aurous Hill, no, even families across the country will curry favor with him. They’ll send their most beautiful and charming daughters into his embrace! Baby, you have to seize the opportunity when you deliver the materials to him!” “Huh…” Aurora blushed a timid red. “Dad, what are you talking about… I don’t understand… what opportunity…” “Yes, go on with your act,” Graham squinted at her and teased. “I can see that you admire him very much, don’t you?” Aurora lowered her head shyly, her face now as red as a cherry tomato. She nodded slightly. Graham continued, “I have a hunch that a real master like Master Wade will not stay in the small den of the Wilson family for too long. One day, he’ll leave them. So, you must act fast! Establish a good relationship with him as soon as pos

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