Chapter 260

Claire pushed the car open before she hurried out of the car with an umbrella in hand. Charlie rushed after Claire as soon as he saw her getting out of the car. “What happened, Loreen?” Claire asked as soon as she rushed over to Loreen. “Claire? What are you doing here?” Loreen asked as soon as she saw Claire. She was trembling because she was drenched from the heavy rain. She looked extremely surprised and embarrassed, as though she did not want her best friend to see her in such an awkward manner. Claire held the umbrella over Loreen’s head and she quickly replied, “I happened to pass by this road with Charlie when I saw you by the side of the road. What happened to you?” Loreen quickly replied with an annoyed expression on her face, “Let’s not talk about it anymore! My company sent me out on an errand today and they gave me a car to do so. That’s the reason why I drove out to meet the customer in this care today. However, even before I could meet up with the customer, I real

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