Chapter 257

When Jacob said this, everyone looked at him with an incredulous expression on their faces. Elaine asked Jacob in surprise, “Are you telling me that someone wants to spend three hundred thousand dollars for this tattered thing? I don’t think that you’ll even be able to sell it for fifty dollars!” Jacob replied in a triumphant manner, “Why would I lie to you? If you don’t believe me, why don’t you take a look at my message history?” As soon as he said this, Jacob took out his cell phone before he opened his text message and clicked on a voice note sent to him by someone called Zachary. Zachary’s voice sounded over the phone at this time. “Uncle Jacob, you’ve got a very good pen holder in your hands! I do think the pen holder is really from the Qing Dynasty! Why don’t you sell the pen holder to me instead? I’ll give you three hundred thousand dollars for it!” Elaine was very surprised and she quickly said, “Oh my god! You were telling us the truth! Jacob, you’re incredible. You boug

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