Chapter 252

Who would have known that Lady Wilson was just a believer in Buddhism on the surface, but she was actually an extremely greedy and shameless person within! At that time, he would have been willing to kneel down in front of anyone if that person offered to give him one million dollars. No one can resist the attraction of money when they are in need. Those who are able to really treat money as dirt are those people who have more than enough money to spend. What was ten or twenty million dollars to Charlie now? He had tens of billions of dollars in his bank account and Emgrand Group made tens of billions of dollars in profits every year. He did not know what else he could spend his money on anymore. Therefore, what was the point of him accepting the twenty million dollars from them now? He would rather not take the money, but instead allow them to pay homage to him and to treat him as their benefactor just so they would show him more respect in the future. That was what he really wa

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